Young Marines of the Palm Beaches is supported by our families and various donors including these generous sponsors:

Young Marines of the Palm Beaches

The Young Marines is not a recruiting tool for the US Marine Corps, but a number of our young people do go on to serve in the US Marines. Doing well in school and studying for the ASVAB can help those entering to get in and get better job choices. See link for practice tests and other study information.

More training materials and forms are located in the Young Marines online library on the national website. Check there for a wealth of information.

All Young Marines and Recruits have an online account where they can view their progress toward promotion, take practice tests, submit articles for the Esprit magazine, etc. Directions for logging into this database account are found below:

Red Cord Bracelets

The Red Cord Bracelet has become part of the Young Marines uniform to remind our Young Marines to stay addiction-free.

Useful Forms for Current Members (Poolees, Recruits, Young Marines)

*Brown buttons: Forms required for encampments and multi-unit or higher level (Battalion, Regiment, Division, National) activities.

             Note: For unit encampments, the final page of the Standard Activity Form can be left blank.

**Reading list: Books that might benefit Young Marines listed by recommended grade levels. Young Marines who wish to write a

             critique/recommendation are encouraged to submit it to our Esprit magazine for other Young Marines to read.

Forms and Training Info.

First Aid Online Training

  • Hands-On first aid training is always preferred.
  • Young Marines of the Palm Beaches offers first aid and CPR training at various times.
  • Online training will work, in a pinch, for earning the appropriate ribbons.

Young Marines of the Palm Beaches' logo

Project Alert

  • The anti-addiction curriculum used by the Young Marines.
  • Young Marines, ages 14 and up, and Adult Volunteers are expected to complete Project Alert's online training in how to teach others to stay addiction free.
  • When Project Alert is completed, email the link to the certificate to the unit adjutant to be sent on to National

Young Marines of the Palm Beaches

Mailing: 11924 Forest Hill Blvd., Ste 10A-129                              Meeting: West Palm Beach                                                               

                Wellington, FL 33414                                                                          Near Palm Beach International Airport           

Read our latest Esprit magazine

The Conservation Ribbon must be earned to be promoted to YM/SSgt. This award involves several projects and is thus complicated to earn and can take months to finish. It can be earned at any stage in a Young Marine's career.

We've put together some forms to help in planning for this award.

We suggest Young Marines start on it early to prevent getting stuck at the rank of YM/Sgt.

Potential Young Marines

See our "Join" page for more information on joining our unit.

Young Marine Guidebooks

  • These guidebooks outline what Young Marines at different ranks are expected to learn.
  • The Recruit Guidebook has been recently published. National staff is working to update the others. Currently there is some overlap between the Recruit Guidebook and the Basic Guidebook. In the meantime, recruits study what's in the Recruit Guidebook and then skip the recruit sections in the Basic Guidebook.
  • A successful Young Marine will learn material at drill but will also study at home and come prepared to sign off on a few items each week.
  • Study guides help make studying easier.