Want to help us

  • train disciplined leaders who can work as a team?
  • train youth to stay addiction-free and to teach others to be addiction-free?
  • teach our youth to show honor and respect to our nation and its Veterans?
  • encourage community service and more in our youth?

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Unit Commander                             Foye Belyea, USMC 
The unit commander is responsible for all that the unit does.
unitcommander@palmbeachym.org    518.775.7228

Executive Officer (XO)                    Rick Wesolowski
The XO plans and oversees the unit training program.

Adjutant                                           Cheryl Trzasko
The adjutant is responsible for record keeping and communication within the unit.
adjutant@palmbeachym.org     561.798.3842     or 561.537.6938

The paymaster is responsible for bookkeeping, paying invoices, collecting payments, etc.

Supply Officer                                
The supply officer monitors our inventory, orders gear and uniforms, makes sure the unit has the gear and equipment needed.

Fundraising Officer                        Kim McGrady
The Fundraising officer organizes fundraising events to help pay for our activities and makes it possible for those on tight budgets to afford to participate in trips and special events that they might not otherwise.
fundraising@palmbeachym.org     561.853.7676

Events Coordinator/Asst. Adjutant    DeAnna DeMarco             

Makes sure events go off smoothly. Helps with record keeping and other details.

Training Officers                     Chris Aloisio, USMC

                                                     Laszlo Cseko, USMC 
The training officers oversee the program under the auspices of the XO. They oversee close order drill, PT (physical training), and knowledge.

Parent Support Coordinator       tbd
Our support staff serve a variety of functions, serving as chaperones, running errands, helping out where needed.

Red Ribbon Week is a Young Marines focus

Volunteer Staff

Young Marines of the Palm Beaches is supported by our families and various donors including these generous sponsors:

Young Marines of the Palm Beaches

Want to join our staff of volunteers?

Talk with our Unit Commander to find out where you can help.

Our volunteers undergo background screening and must provide letters of reference.

Forms and Background Check information are available on our "Join" page.


Red Ribbon Week

honors Enrique (Kiki) Camarena a DEA Agent and prior service Marine who was murdered by drug dealers. He wanted to make a difference in ending the addiction problem. Young Marines work to continue his efforts through educating our youth.

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Red Ribbon Week--teaching the community to stay addiction free

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